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"My Friend, Scott White"

By Erica C. Barnett November 7, 2011

City Council member Sally Bagshaw has a touching tribute to "my friend, Scott White" on her blog today. The memorial service for White, who died suddenly last month at 41, was Sunday.
His death at 41 is a tragedy for all of us.  He was way too young to leave what he cared about so deeply: his family, his 46th District, the University of Washington, the many environmental organizations he supported.  And so much more. ...

Scott understood that the art of negotiation starts with trust and listening.  He always thanked others first, and remained humble and true to his friends and colleagues.

Scott White, rest in peace.   Please know that you made your mark in the short time we were blessed to spend with you.

KOMO News has video of the memorial service, at which White's wife, Alison, described their first date. "I will never forget he showed up on my apartment doorstep with a bouquet of pink flowers and the electricity between us was so awesome," she said.
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