(Formerly) Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Ross Sawyers

The photographer's latest Platform Gallery exhibit examines homes and hobo signs.

10/14/2013 Photography by Seth Sommerfeld

Wedding Wednesday

What's Your Take On... Banning Cameras at Weddings?

Are amateur shots and social media snaps interfering with wedding photos?

09/11/2013 By Amanda Zurita


Remembering Photographer Johsel Namkung (1919-2013)

The Northwest's preeminent landscape photographer died earlier this week.

07/26/2013 By Sheila Farr

Art Review

The Henry's New Exhibit Asks: What Is Beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the photographer in this exhibit brimming with iconic images.

03/05/2013 By Sheila Farr

Stylish Exhibit

Go See: Out [o] Fashion Photography

The Henry Art Gallery presents a look at beauty, fashion, and photography by curator and historian Deborah Willis, Ph.D.

03/01/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

Seattle Boudoir Photography Open House

The sexy little studio is opening its doors for a night of food, drinks, and free goodies.

02/27/2013 By Amanda Zurita

(Formerly) Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Adam Satushek

Who moves away from Seattle only to long for grayer skies? This photographer.

01/03/2013 By Seth Sommerfeld

Local Artist Showcase

Raw Natural Born Artists: Radiate Showcase

Tina Witherspoon's 2012 recycled couture collection, "To Dye For," takes the runway in multidisciplinary art showcase in Pioneer Square.

08/14/2012 By Amanda Austin

Books & Talks

Annie Leibovitz Reads from Pilgrimage at Elliott Bay Book Co.

Her new book focuses on places, not faces.

12/07/2011 By Seattle Met Staff

Day Trip

Concrete’s Fall Photography Is Worth a Trip

Capture the sesasonal colors with a little help from a pro.

09/21/2011 By Allie Oosta

Seattle Style News

Hedi Slimane x Frances Bean Cobain

08/08/2011 By Laura Cassidy

Food Events

How to Be a Food Photographer in Five Short Minutes

Ignite Seattle takes on food porn.

05/18/2011 By Jessica Voelker


Photos of the Day

05/02/2011 By Laura Dannen


BP Oil Spill, One Year Later

A West Seattle photographer documents the disaster in a new exhibit.

04/21/2011 By Laura Dannen


UPDATED Save the Date: Bill Cunningham New York

Upcoming film about the man Anna Wintour gets dressed for is coming to Seattle…in April.

02/14/2011 By Laura Cassidy


Local Chef’s Project: Food on the Human Form

For Tiberio Simone, happiness is at the intersection of food and touch.

10/11/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Wedding Wednesday

Thrilled for You

The Seattle company behind Thrilled for You really is pretty thrilled for you, and they want to help you document your wedding.

09/15/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Books and Readings

Amy Gulick’s Tongass: A Forest Made of Salmon

A local photographer wins a national award and gets a showing this Sunday on Bainbridge.

06/25/2010 By Eric Scigliano


Dress Code: Street Wise

Advice on getting Le21eme’s Adam Katz Sinding to notice you at this week’s Pio Square First Thursday show

03/29/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

Keep it Real

Because you oughtta be in pictures