World Class Production

Go See: Hermès Ties as High-Tech Art

8 Ties, a digital, metaphysical, interactive exploration of everyday icons and iconic neckwear, opens at the Bravern.

10/19/2012 By Laura Cassidy

Haute Hair

Save the Date: Frenalian Muse Hair and Fashion Show

Jerome Charles of the French Stylist puts on a hair and fashion show featuring fall collections and coiffure trends.

09/07/2012 By Amanda Zurita


Fancy Pants at Neiman Marcus

Score some printed pants this weekend.

04/12/2012 By Laura Cassidy


Video II: Hermès Festival of Crafts

In which an iconic Hermès scarf comes to brilliant life at the Bravern.

02/25/2011 By Laura Cassidy


Video I: Hermès Festival of Crafts

Watch imported artisans from the iconic brand demonstrate their craft at the Bravern in Bellevue.

02/25/2011 By Laura Cassidy


Hermès Artisans at the Festival of Crafts

French craftsmen and women demonstrate the traditional handiwork behind iconic designer accessories at the Bravern in Bellevue.

02/22/2011 By Sarah Hirsch


What’s Your Take On… Studded Ugg boots?

Jimmy Choo + Ugg Boot capsule collection is on tour now.

09/24/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Parlez-Vous Vert?

Skin, beauty, and health care company Melvita moves into Pacific Place mall, while Australia-based Karen Millen sets up shop at the Bravern.

07/22/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Sale: DNA 2050

Discounted denim, drinks, and bites from Wild Ginger

07/13/2010 By Amanda LaPlante


Critical Mass

Bravern vendors gang up for big sales through the end of June.

06/11/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Save the Date: Ken Downing at the Bravern

Want a personal shopping assistant, or just a fashionably good time? May 7 at Neiman Marcus.

05/03/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Price Range

Price Range: $230

What would you pay for Piazza Sempione’s luxurious marine knot necklace?

04/22/2010 By Laura Cassidy


The Cheese Stands Alone

At the Bravern, Artisanal Brasserie’s cheese spread is a regional treasure just waiting to be discovered.

04/19/2010 By Kathryn Robinson


Save the Date: Shopping for Kids

Tory Burch shopping event at the Bravern April 22

04/05/2010 By Laura Cassidy

What's in Store

Status Check

New Seattle-designed co-ed luxury handbag collection debuts at David Lawrence

03/12/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Sale of the Week: Getting to Know Them

Your budding friendship with Neiman Marcus can only grow deeper starting today, as the Last Call sale launches