Lauded Locals

Seattle Artists Won 7 Grammys

Brandi Carlile, Seattle Symphony, and Chris Cornell took home awards at last night's show.

02/11/2019 By Stefan Milne

No Joke

Brandi Carlile Is Nominated for Six Grammy Awards

The Washington native's nomination haul includes Song, Record, and Album of the Year.

12/07/2018 By Anne Dennon

Red Carpet

Seattleite Rachelle Henry Is Nominated for Two Young Artist Awards

The 17-year-old writer, director, and actress will head to LA this weekend for the award show.

07/11/2018 By Katheryn Grice

Film Fan

Oscar Parties with Integrity

Four places in Seattle where you can watch the Academy Awards and contribute to humanity in the process.

02/19/2013 By Katie Vincent

Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Lumineers Producer Ryan Hadlock

With the Lumineers up for two Grammys on Sunday, their Seattle producer explains the magic of Bear Creek Studio.

02/08/2013 By Laura Dannen

Friday Water Cooler Talk

Why ‘True Grit’ Should Win Best Picture

And other impassioned arguments for the Oscar underdogs.

02/25/2011 By Seattle Met Staff

Award Ceremony

Oscar Parties in Seattle

And how to throw your own last-minute bash—minus the red carpet.

02/24/2011 By Laura Dannen

2011 Academy Awards

Oscar Nominations Are In!

The King’s Speech leads with 12 nods; a Seattle screenwriter is up for an award.

01/25/2011 By Laura Dannen