Women-Run Activewear Brands in the Seattle Area

If your New Year's resolution involves supporting local businesses and being more active, we've got the list for you.

By Zoe Sayler

it's no secret that the Pacific Northwest loves activewear—and women make up a quickly growing portion of that market. But did you know that the upper left is filled with a bunch of brands designed not just with women in mind, but by us and for us? From running gear to ski suits to golf clothing that doesn't just shrink it and pink it, here are some of the local companies running our world. 


Named for the highway that stretches between Tacoma and Puyallup, this thoroughly local activewear company founded by former collegiate volleyball player Brooklynn Gould-Bradbury keeps a tight focus on sustainable materials—including the very Seattle-approved use of coffee grounds as a natural odor eliminator.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend’s athleisure checks all the boxes: trendy silhouettes, buttery-soft fabric made from plastic bottles, a genuinely inclusive size range and body positive imagery to match. Cofounder Ellie Dinh has since left the brand, but a C-suite of women maintain her vision of a company that walks the walk—in a really cute outfit, to boot. 

Girlfriend Collective is the defining Seattle athleisure brand.


Women who run know Oiselle as a problem-solver: Want to look at your Apple watch on a frigid run? There’s a glove for that. Need to carry your phone, keys, and an energy gel? There’s a legging for that (and it has lots of pockets). Seattle women who run know this longtime local brand and its founder, Sally Bergesen, for the community she’s built around the sport. 

For running brand Oiselle, the gear is just the beginning.


Golf has a reputation for being a boys' club—and most pro shops have the sparse rounders of little pink polos to prove it. Former Eddie Bauer product managers Dianne Celuch and Bellevue-based Tami Fujii founded Kinona to help women—especially the 50-plus-year-old athlete who's most likely to golf—feel confident on the green.

Kinona offers clothing that fits strict golf course guidelines without looking stuffy.


TaraShakti's head-turning ski suits may be inspired by the brightly colored vintage ski suits of yesteryear, but don't confuse these ultra-comfy versions for your mother’s stiff mountain garb. Especially given Seattle cofounders Tara Clark and Quan Ralkowski's thoroughly modern focus on creating a more diverse, welcoming environment on the slopes. 

TaraShakti's suits are built for confidence boosting.


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