Love Local, Buy Local

Introducing...the Shops at Seattle Met!

We're bringing dozens of local businesses together all in one place—this is online shopping, Seattle style.

By Seattle Met Staff November 9, 2022

Just looking for the link? Click here to start shopping.

For all the flack Seattle gets for its fashion sense—and we do have a peculiar penchant for socks and sandals—our shopping scene could give any city a run for its money. That’s thanks, of course, to our world-class retailers. And to you, the community that takes such great pride in sustaining the businesses that make Seattle, Seattle, one curbside pickup at a time.

That’s why we’re launching the first-ever online marketplace completely dedicated to local stores and manufacturers—and the people who love them. The Shops at Seattle Met brings dozens of beloved local products and purveyors together in one central location, where a single search turns up results from all across the city—and where purchases from multiple local businesses can be made through a single cart. Get them shipped to you straight from the stores, or opt for same-day pickup in your neighborhood. This is online shopping, Seattle style. 

We’ve already onboarded a slew of shops you’ll recognize (and can all but guarantee you’ll count the ones you don’t among your new favorites), from Flora and Henri to FreemanYou’ll also find products from Seattle-area manufacturers without brick-and-mortar locations, like French Girl Organics' eminently giftable beauty products and cheekily named candles from Cancelled Plans. And keep that link handy—we're adding new stores and products every day.

We hope you're excited as we are to see all these businesses in one place. Please reach out to style editor Zoe Sayler with any feedback on what you love and what we can improve. And if you're a local business that wants in on the fun, our team would love to hear from you. Seattle, this one's for you.