Glossier's greenhouse-inspired popup brought troves of beauty enthusiasts to Capitol Hill in 2019.

Seattle is obsessed with Glossier (but who isn't?). When the beauty brand popped up in the former American Apparel location on Capitol Hill in 2019, lines of fresh-faced devotees waited 45 minutes to get their hands on impeccably designed tubes of Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom.

Soon, we'll have more than just a few sweet summer months to get our fill: After shuttering all its retail locations amid the pandemic, Glossier has planned a three-store revival starting right here in Seattle in August 2021. 

The company hasn't yet revealed where in town it'll set up shop, but we'd be willing to place bets on Capitol Hill—Glossier halted plans for a Pike/Pine showroom mid-pandemic, and the construction permits are still active. Or maybe U Village, which has seen a recent influx of big-name retailers in the same cool girl category Glossier dominates.

The space may look similar to the greenhouse popup of 2019: In a blog post announcing the news, Glossier founder Emily Weiss said the Seattle store design "plays with the juxtaposition of nature and technology" inspired by the city's "forests and lakes." If being surrounded by beauty appeals to you, hiring has started for several local roles. Check back here for updates on the store's progress as we get them.

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