Reformation Opens Its First Washington Store in University Village

It's getting hot in here.

By Zoe Sayler March 16, 2021

For a brand that prioritizes ecommerce, Reformation's brick-and-mortars are an experience.

Image: Zoe Sayler

Reformation—perhaps the best known of the Sustainability, But Make It Fashion school of retailers—opened its 20th North American store in Seattle this week, nestled between Madewell and Sephora in University Village.

If you’re not already obsessed with Reformation’s specific brand of hot-girl-in-a-warming-world, think floral sundresses with thigh-high slits, open-back sweaters, and “farm to butt” jeans—the kind of clothing that could ostensibly get you from your cool, artsy coworking space to an aperol spritz–fueled happy hour. (That vibe transfers to Zoom meetings, too.)

Though certain styles are available at Nordstrom, this will be the brand's first brick-and-mortar on the West Coast outside of California (take that, Portland). Like its other stores, the U Village location takes a high-tech approach to retail, wherein shoppers are invited to chill out in a fitting room and beckon merchandise (some of which is available up to a size 3X) to their door via an in-room touch screen. A two-way door ensures no face-to-face contact—both Covid- and anxiety-friendly.

Like other sustainable brands, much of Reformation's climate cred comes from its fabric choices: The company ranks various fibers and prioritizes those with higher ratings, like recycled cotton, over those with low ratings, like leather. Shop hangers are made from recycled paper, not plastic. “Carbon is canceled,” Reformation's website promises, alongside offsets for weddings and international flights.

These are all solid means toward a near-unobtainable end. Buying something new and calling it climate-friendly will always be a bit of a paradox—used is usually better. But I'll let the company’s slogan speak for itself: “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2.” See you at U Village.

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