Seattle Fall Fashion 2020: Dress Up to Hunker Down

There's never been a better time to celebrate (and interrogate) fashion.

Photography by Elizabeth Rudge Styled by Adria Garcia and Castle Cooke Edited by Zoe Sayler October 5, 2020 Published in the Fall 2020 issue of Seattle Met


I think people need fantasy,” says Indian Summer vintage boutique owner Adria Garcia. “Especially as depression increases with what’s going on in the world.”

What’s going on in the world—a pandemic, have you heard?—might make this feel like a weird moment to celebrate fashion (especially if you still haven’t changed out of those quarantine sweats). But the events of this year opened a lot of us up to the truth about our consumption, like how much a loyal dinner order can mean to a neighborhood restaurant, or what getting boxes on boxes shipped to us at an inhuman speed actually means for the environment. It’s time we interrogated fashion in the same way.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t have designer stuff. It doesn’t mean occasionally that I don’t splurge,” Garcia says. “It’s just about being more conscious.” That can mean pairing vintage gloves or shimmery ’90s crop tops with pieces made by locals, by BIPOC designers, or by a company committed to going beyond a size 18. All to create a look that’s stay-home friendly with a touch of fantasy. After all, Garcia says, “Fashion is just dress-up forever.” —Zoe Sayler

(Above) Adria: Caftan, Desert Vintage. Yoruba shoes, Adria’s own. Cascading Plate necklace (inquire for pricing) and Monsoon earrings ($172), Ohme. Kairi: Double SS Dress ($124), Oeuf. Shrug, vintage.

Adria: Denim Trench No. 9 ($900), Janelle Abbott. Seta woven silk top, Adria’s own. Brazilian Agate Signet (inquire) and Healer's Gold rings ($112), Ohme. Craig: Beatnik tee ($88), Prairie Underground. 7115 Sumo jacket ($238), Feit hand-sewn low rubber sneaker ($650), and Jan-Jan Van Essche trouser ($582) and knit ($510), Glasswing. Labrador-eye-te necklace (inquire), Bantam Band (inquire) and N American Agate rings ($112), Ohme. Kairi: Worker jumpsuit ($86), Oeuf. Ugg slide sandal ($65), Nordstrom. Healer's Gold ring (inquire), Ohme. 

Kairi: Caroline Bosmans Invasion Blue dress ($202), Alex and Alexa. Beret, Indian Summer. Flatform slide sandal ($179), Maison Mangostan. Adria: Funtasma platforms, Adria's own. DeCharlene Williams robe, vintage. Vivienne Tam dress, vintage.

Dr. Martens boot ($65), Nordstrom. I Love Me tee ($43), Oeuf. Bobo Choses Greener Pastures skirt ($55), Alex and Alexa. Swirl barrette ($8), Chunks. Various hair clips, Lilies and Roses. Socks, Kairi’s own.

Craig: Beatnik tee ($88), Prairie Underground. Evan Kinori Field shirt ($425), Glasswing. Vintage baseball pant, Indian Summer. Adria: Mock Concept tee ($79), Prairie Underground. Big Button Up one piece bodysuit ($350), 69. Arc Objects Porcelain Mattina necklace ($282), Glasswing. Bob Dodd rings, vintage. Kairi: Dr. Martens boot ($65), Nordstrom. I Love Me tee ($43), Oeuf. Bobo Choses Greener Pastures skirt ($55), Alex and Alexa. Swirl barrette ($8), Chunks. Various hair clips, Lilies and Roses. Socks and bloomers, Kairi’s own.

I think people need fantasy, especially as depression increases with what’s going on in the world. You need to see things in a more fantastical way. —Adria Garcia

Pant suit, Indian Summer. Stella McCartney faux fur coat ($247), Alex and Alexa. Ugg Fluff Yeah slide ($65), Nordstrom. Mask ($50), Lauren Holloway. Various hair clips, Lilies and Roses. 

Kairi: Headband ($23), Lilies and Roses. Mini Rodini paper bag jeans ($90) and the Animals Observatory canary blouse ($121), Alex and Alexa. Craig: Wide leg work pant ($180) and Beatnik tee ($88), Prairie Underground. Janelle Abbott Ultra Crop Hoodie ($175), Kathleen. Ugg Fluff Yeah slipper ($100), Nordstrom.

Custom mask, Meg Schmitt. Gaia dress ($207), Kai Collective. Cat Eye Sunnies ($30), Chunks. Arc Objects hoop earrings ($110), Glasswing. 

Fashion is just dress-up forever. —Adria Garcia

Evan Kinori flat hem shirt ($285) and Jan-Jan Van Essche gilet ($400) and trouser ($592), Glasswing. Bao Bao Issey Miyake Lucent tote ($425) and Magnanni Dorio loafer ($295), Nordstrom. Wtaps Raregem tote ($280) and Brain Dead sunglasses ($175), Likelihood. Mask ($30), Lauren Holloway. Healer's Gold bolo ($118) and N American Agate ring ($112), Ohme. 


Photographer Elizabeth Rudge

Models / Stylists Adria, Craig, and Kairi

Hair and Makeup Castle Cooke

Photography Assistant Dana Waldron


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Editor's note: Some items featured in this fashion shoot may no longer be available.


Alex and Alexa 

Bon Voyage Vintage Pioneer Square

Chunks Georgetown

Desert Vintage 

Glasswing Capitol Hill

Indian Summer Capitol Hill

Janelle Abbott Fremont

Kai Collective 


Lauren Holloway Chinatown–International District

Likelihood First Hill

Lilies and Roses 

Maison Mangostan 



Ohme Tacoma

Prairie Underground Georgetown 

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