Sometime in the early ’70s my dad rescued a slightly dinged exhibition poster of “Dovima with Elephants” (signed by the artist Richard Avedon) from the trash at a museum. My longtime admiration turned to inspiration for our fall fashion feature (“Past, Present, and Fall Fashion Converge at the New Burke Museum”). Dovima’s graceful pose and style contrasted with the movement of the rough skinned elephant is everything I hoped this feature would achieve. Of course our take—we’ll call it “Gwen with Mammoth”—was also one of the hardest shots to get. Photographer AJ Ragasa worked—pressed up against a beam—to get a photo angle that didn’t include the construction of the exhibit which was literally buzzing along all around us. That this photo could be taken at all is thanks to the incredibly accommodating team at the new Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. Plus our creative crew who pulled it all together to make our own piece of history.

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