Fashion for Conservation and Hoja Nueva have joined forces to lend a hand in saving the largest unprotected rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon, Las Pierdras, which is also the last stretch of intact rainforest left in Peru. This year they hosted their Fourth Annual Rainforest Gala in Seattle at Block 41 on Thursday, September 20 (see our slideshow recap above). Differing from events past, this year’s guest list brought only 300 VIPs dedicated to this mission. Having less people allowed the organizations to have a more intimate experience with their guests. The night was not only a culmination of international art, fashion, and design inspired by the diverse rainforests around the world, but it was also complete with a sit-down dinner and open ceviche bar—that's our kind of open bar. All proceeds for the event will fund Hoja Nueva’s efforts in rainforest conservation.

At the event, Fashion for Conservation cofounder Ava Holmes and president Laura Choi talked about their work. "The most important thing to know is that you can celebrate a heavy topic with something that is beautiful and sustainable," said Holmes of the fashion industry's notorious environmentally damaging ways. She also noted fashion's ability to reach everyone: "Fashion is a language we all speak and we can sustain it in three simple ways. 1) Have what you wear tell a story. (Where is it from? Who made it? What is it made of?) 2) Adventure more; connect yourself to the land you live on. 3) Use social media to inspire people."

If you want to stay up to date on all things Fashion for Conservation see yourself to their website, ditto Hoja Nueva, or follow them on Instagram @FashionforConservation and @hojanueva

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