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Alaska Airlines Debuts New Uniforms by Designer Luly Yang

On January 18, the local airline will unveil 35 new looks to their 23,000 employees.

By Rosin Saez January 18, 2018

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We anticipate a lot of navy blues for the new Alaska Airlines uniforms.

Image: Luly Yang

In 2015, Alaska Airlines nabbed Seattle couture designer Luly Yang to refresh 35 uniforms for the company's 19,000 outfitted workers. Everyone from pilots to flight attendants to ground service employees will get a new look. After years of focus groups, interviews, consultations, and testing, the new uniforms will finally be debuted at the Alaska Airlines hangar in Sea-Tac this afternoon, January 18.

Yang, best known for her gorgeous bridal gown, couture dresses (especially the Monarch butterfly gown that launched her career over a decade ago), says this is the biggest project she's done to date. 

An estimated 500,000 yards of fabric, a million buttons, 100,000 zippers, and 30 million yards of thread may be needed for the job.

While less glam as Yang's usual styles, the local designer, a University of Washington alum, nevertheless applied her background as a graphic artist for a Seattle architecture firm to engineer uniforms that emphasize four main musts: comfort, distinction, functionality, and pride. Attendants, it turns out, want to look good walking down the catwalk concourse as much as they don't want their skirts riding up whenever they hoist a carryon into an overhead bin.

In all, Yang designed over 80 pieces for the project, from a signature Alaska Airlines stitch to zipper pulls. 

After a few more months of testing in the wild, Alaska Airline employees will all sport their respective new uniforms come 2019. Until official photos are released, though, please enjoy some in-blog entertainment: a slideshow of Alaska Air's uniforms from the 1940s until present day.

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