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Get the LA Streetwear Look at These 6 Seattle Stores

Local takes on LA's fresh styles—because sometimes dressing like it's 70 and sunny is all we have.

By Jack Kelly May 9, 2017

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LA style down to your toes. Nab a pair of sneaks at Capitol Hill's Likelihood.

Image: Likelihood

Opening Ceremony made its New Yorker debut earlier this year and streetwear has arguably never been more visible. As a look cultivated across music videos, subreddits, and Instagram feeds, streetwear is often associated with the cultural centers of New York, LA, and London. Seattle, however, holds its own when it comes to stores that serve the at least slightly LA-inspired aesthetic. Nodding to workwear (think of the best fitting pair of Dickies you’ve ever seen), comfort oriented, not afraid of high-low collaboration (how about a Champion logo hoodie for over $800), and iconoclastically informal (sneakers, sneakers, sneakers) all describe the current youth culture obsession known colloquially as streetwear.

In our liberal-leaning city, streetwear can carry its own political undertones: fighting the ever-increasing wave of tech uniformity that’s come to define Seattle in recent years. As a look steeped heavily in oversized items, gender nonconformity, and politically charged iconography (think Gosha x Fila hoodies with Cryllic writing), LA-inspired streetwear is no doubt individual and anti-business casual, not to mention placing the wearer in line with the modern day jet setting collective of certified cool kids.

So why not rock a pair of Acne Studios Angus H Twill trousers and a flight jacket (available at Totokaelo and Bait, respectively) next time you’re in the Mamnoon lunch line? These spots across the city can help you achieve it. 

Bait Seattle

Flight jackets by Alpha Industries, Adidas tracksuits that radiate a Euro ambiance, and a healthy section of Adidas x Rick Owens footwear make the Capitol Hill installment of this West Coast chain a solid choice for an athletic vibe. And a dense collection of Vans and standard issue trainers keep it in your budget, too.


The Capitol Hill sneaker spot boasts Adidas x Raf Simmons currently in stock, ’80s-inspired Karhu trainers, and tons of Vans for the eighth grade skate kid that lives in all of us. 


A selection of outerwear that is Seattle climate friendly, like satin bomber jackets, hooded ripstops, and track jackets, not to mention a vast array of printed tees that in no way recall the graphic teebonanza of the mid-aughts.


Affordable millennial pink menswear might be saying enough already, but this fast-fashion brand has a huge selection of “trackers,” their interpretation of track pants-slash-joggers, as well as Instagrammable pastel anoraks and t-shirts to fight the post–American Apparel blues.


Baggy pants on all genders have made a comeback, from Topshop embroidered mom jeans to Vetements Brioni Trousers and Issey Miyaki black fold knit culottes found at Totokaelo—a selection which allows you to dress for success sans the trip to Brooks Brothers.


Believe it or not, the Fifth Avenue flagship store stocks a ton of Opening Ceremony mainstays like Acne Studios alongside high fashion standards like St. Laurent and Givenchy. While the national chain might feel more reminiscent of typical shopping mall, this downtown juggernaut is full of pleasant surprises. 

Editor's Note: Updated October 8, 2018 at 9:30am to reflect that Killion's Capitol Hill storefront has closed, though its clothes can still be purchased online.

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