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Homestead Plant Shop Is Now Open in the Central District

Obsessed with houseplants? Yeah, join the club.

By Rosin Saez April 11, 2017

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No pets, no babies, no problem: buy a houseplant. 

In a sun-soaked studio on 22nd and Olive Way, brimming with greenery, folks duck under plant tendrils hanging above head and weave around vintage tables, upon which potted baby ferns, weeping jades, and ponytail palms cover the entirety of its surface areas. Aloe and various cacti line the windowsill, air plants can be found near the back corner, while mature fiddleleaf fig trees are placed wherever any precious space is left.

Yes, as of April 9, Homestead Plant Shop is open and blessing the Central District with its lush flora therein.

Being a sister store to Homestead Seattle on Capitol Hill, where co-owners and husband and wife duo Ryan and Michele Tansey sell antique and vintage furniture, it makes perfect sense that the Tanseys’ wall hangings and framed prints—plus a plethora of retro pots—appear in the plant shop, too. It’s a very Instagram-worthy affair.

At the end of last year, the Tanseys began their plant shop endeavor as the occasional popup. But after selling out of their hand-picked houseplants, they noticed more people, especially apartment dwellers, looking to bring the outdoors in.

Some plants come potted in hand-thrown ceramic pots or cat terra cotta vessels or glazed swan numbers—there are more swan options than you’d think. If you see some pottery you can’t live without—a wall-mounted parrot piece comes to mind—they’ll re-pot your new plant for you.

Oh, and once your new green roommates have settled in to their new digs, the next great challenge is keeping them alive. We have some solid advice from local green thumbs Shaun Murphy of Indoor Sun Shoppe, Katherine Anderson, owner of Marigold and Mint, and Rachel Taylor, Plantuary co-owner.

Homestead Seattle Plant Shop is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but otherwise open from noon until 7 at 2202 East Olive St.


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