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LaEisha Howard has been a brand stylist for everything from film to runway shows. Now as the founder and creative director of 12/14 Creative Agency she uses her expertise to encourage her clients to stay focused and accountable for personal and professional goals through personal brand coaching. She created the #FillYourTank movement to give individuals the chance to attend workshops where they can be inspired by others’ stories. With the next workshop January 28, we had the opportunity to speak to LaEisha about the connection between her style and personal brand.

Name and Occupation.
LaEisha Howard. Creative Director and founder of 12/14 Creative Agency.  Lifestyle Coach and creator of the #FillYourTank movement.

Quote/motto to live by.
Your strength is always greater than the obstacle. 

Describe your style.
I wear black a lot. Almost every day you can find me wearing all black except for the pop of color from my shoes. It’s classic, feminine, and vintage chic with a slice of edge. But I have a sporty side. I love a pair of Converse, jeans, and a tee. A shocker to most, but the older I get the more fashion risks I take.

Who are your style icons and what inspires you? 
Josephine Baker and Audrey Hepburn. Both exemplify my style; mysterious, classy, sophisticated, and full of personality. My daughter inspires me through her passion and fearless attitude for life. She encourages me to go beyond my fears and live life to the fullest. Giving back to the community also inspires me. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face or give him or her something that fills a need motivates me to do more. 

What are your favorite shops and/or where do you get the most people watching done?
I love Nordstrom. I am known for finding the best deals so Nordstrom Rack and Slate Boutique are my fashion playgrounds. I love people watching at Pike Place Market and Capitol Hill. The fashion, eclectic personalities, and adventurous spirits are very entertaining to watch. Museums are another for me. The wonder people have while learning and exploring is so fun to see.  

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly—where to shop. 

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