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Herbivore Botanicals Debuts in Nordstrom This Weekend

From humble beginnings in a home kitchen to the shelves at Seattle’s own retail juggernaut.

By Rosin Saez January 13, 2017

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This Herbivore Botanicals' mask brightens your skin, perhaps even your soul. Photo: Colleen Kerns

Cofounders as well as husband and wife, Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills, launched Herbivore Botanicals in 2011, formulating organic, potent products out of their own Seattle kitchen. Their natural bath and skin care brand is a herald of all that is toxin free, cruelty free, plant based, and not to mention pretty damn luxurious too.

Now six years later, glass vials of their hydrating facial oils and mini pots of clarifying face masks will line the shelves of Nordstrom’s new Naturals Department, officially launching this weekend in over 46 cities—Seattle included of course.

You might have already spotted Herbivore Botanicals in places like Urban Outfitters, which picked up the brand in 2013, or Sephora—both online and in store—which was the brand’s first big-time break into the skin care world about a year ago. But despite the company’s marked growth in a few short years, it’s staying true to its origins. “Everything is still hand made in Seattle by a small team of highly trained people,” says Willie Freitas, Herbivore Botanicals’ brand representative. 

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Alex Kummerow and Julie Wills, cofounders of Herbivore Botanicals and source of your new skin envy. Photo: Julia Manchik

Kummerow and Wills say the success of their company begets success of the natural products as a whole, those made sans parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. “It’s our dream to make natural beauty accessible to everyone,” says Wills.

Peep Herbivore Botanicals’ products alongside other analogous brands at Nordstrom’s Winter Beauty Event this weekend, Friday and Saturday, January 13 and 14, from 11 to 7.

Freitas will be amongst Nordstrom associates, answering your skin care questions and likely waxing poetic about their Coco Rose coconut oil body polish or Blue Tansy resurfacing mask, both key to sloughing away dry winter skin. Scales, be gone!

If you can’t make it to your nearest Nordstrom Natural Beauty Outpost, neighborhood boutiques have been carrying Herbivore Botanicals for some time too, among them: Click in West Seattle, Moorea Seal in Belltown, Prism in Ballard, Essenza in Fremont, and Glasswing on Capitol Hill, where you can find the entire lineup of intoxicating goods.

Fri Jan 13 & Sat Jan 14
Winter Beauty Event
Nordstrom, Downtown Seattle

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