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Launched in Vancouver, BC in 2010, Eco Fashion Week (EFW) the world’s largest sustainable fashion event, is coming to Seattle for the first time. EFW November 1–5 aims to educate participants and present solutions for a more sustainable fashion industry through the use of runway shows, exhibitions, and its open dialogue collective conversation. Myriam Laroche, founder and president of Eco Fashion Week, says it made sense to expand to Seattle; it’s a city that complements Vancouver with shared values on sustainability.

The collective conversation is an all day event from 9am–1pm on November 4 at Impact Hub Seattle. Sass Brown, author and Associate Dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York is the keynote speaker while Laroche welcomes all questions and encourages participants to ‘rethink and reuse’ when it comes to unwanted pieces.

Partnership with Value Village

On Thursday night, partner Value Village helped to produce the Runway Reimagined Project 8.1, which featured environmentally friendly collections created by 10 stylists and designers. The runway-ready looks were made entirely of secondhand pieces from Value Village, and the challenge was to reuse and transform 8.1 pounds of unsellable merchandise. Ken Alterman, President and CEO of Value Village, says the show was inspired by the fact that each year the average person throws away 81 pounds of textiles and clothing, thinking the pieces cannot be reused. Value Village wants to encourage people to rethink how they discard of clothing. With the right amount of creativity used clothing can be transformed into something new and wearable.


Elephantasia, part of the global movement Fashion for Conservation, aims to increase support for endangered and threatened wildlife with an emphasis on elephants, specifically how ivory is still used in parts of the world for the production of jewelry and trinkets. Ava Holmes, founder of Fashion for Conservation and creative director for Elephantasia, says Elephantasia’s goal is to target new audiences and answer the common question when discussing complex global issues: “What can I do?”

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Image: Elephantasia

 Elephantasia's traveling multimedia exhibition presents the collections of 12 international designers including Devon Yan of Devonation (this year’s winner of the Independent Designer Runway Show). Each designer’s collection is their interpretation of the elephant through the lens of their brand and personal experiences. Elephantasia has presented in Seattle at least once a year, but this is the first time for the collaboration with Eco Fashion Week. With a multimedia installation from November 1–4, the event culminates on November 5th with a live model model presentation including "NO VOICE” by designer Oscar Abades of ZARA. There will also be a keynote presentation by Emily Russell of The African Wildlife Foundation, and a meet-and-greet with representatives from Fashion for Conservation.

Elephantasia’s goal is,“to inspire the fashion-conscious, and sustainable-minded alike in a way that harmonizes beauty and the environment.”

For more on EFW, check out their site.