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Style File: 5 Questions with Paisley West

Blogger and campaign manager for Seattle Fashion Week Paisley West gives us the rundown on all things chic.

By Colleen Williams October 4, 2016

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Image courtesy of Paisley West.

Fashion blogger Paisley West is no slouch when it comes to spreading the word: the style-driven Seattleite has a project called Spotlight Series where she highlights local creatives (makeup artists, stylists, photographers and more) who tell inspiring narratives of overcoming hardship, of persevering and becoming role models. We wanted to get to know a little bit about Paisley after hearing about the series; here's her Style File.
Name, occupation and daytime activities: 
Paisley West. Fashion/lifestyle Blogger. Campaign Manager for Seattle Fashion Week. Freelance Marketer. Activist.
Motto to live by. 
Always leave people better than you found them. 
Describe your style.
I'm still discovering my style. If I had to I'd say it's simple, yet eclectic; Classy, yet edgy; Feminine with a masculine touch. I'm constantly inspired by new ways of expressing myself through fashion so everyday my style is a little different. Right now I absolutely love contrasting feminine dainty pieces with rougher material. So things like lace with leather or silk with denims. 
Who are your style icons and what inspires you?
Kate Moss, duh. I also really like fashion blogger Sonya Esman from Class is Internal. There's something so simple and carefree about both their styles that I really admire. As far as inspiration, I get the most out of traveling. I've spent 3 months living in Italy and 6 months in Australia. There's nothing more electrifying than expanding your world and seeing life through a new lens. 
What are your favorite shops and/or where do you get the most people watching done?
Shopping is actually really hard for me. I'm super indecisive so online shopping has become my best friend. I'm all about environmentally or socially conscious brands so I love the direction Reformation, H&M, and Nasty Gal are going. Australian designers are by far some of my favorites so I'm constantly finding myself looking on Fashion Bunker, Zimmerman, or Misha Collection for their new collections (not that I can really afford them!).

No matter where I am, people watching with my mom is the absolute best. She's a very special type of person. One minute we'll be admiring someone as they walk by, and the next minute we're best friends and on our way to lunch with them! I've met some crazy cool people while with her. 

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration, and most importantly—where to shop.
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