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Source Denim was created with the Seattle man in mind. From the office to the outdoors, men can enjoy the comfort of a signature jean.

Source Denim is changing the way jeans are made; it is passionate about creating quality clothes with a focus on environmental impact. One of Source Denim’s founders Soo-Rae Hong worked in international development for three years (and the textiles industry for two) and wanted to empower communities in and out of the U.S. by providing good sewing jobs. She spent a year researching how to create an efficient and responsible supply chain. The end product was a new denim that was created with half the amount of chemicals, salts, water, and energy making the jeans stain and odor resistant. Another six months later, Soo-Rae says she had perfected the men’s jean and Source Denim went to the market.

Source Denim creates raw denim jeans, which means pure; i.e. the way denim comes off a loom. There are no pre-fades, acid or stone washes, and no rips, just 100% cotton. These jeans are durable and made to last at least 10 years. The brand offers free repair services and at the end of the jeans’ adventure-filled days, costumers can ship the jeans back at no cost as part of its recycle program. Currently it only offers jeans for men and it only has one style of jean—the Source Denim Ethical Jean—however, creating a women's line is on the books for 2017.

Source Denim is light and roomy they can be worn while biking to work or even on a hike. Thanks to the easy access of the deep front pockets costumers can reach their phones while sitting down. The jeans are $139.99 a pair and are represented by two simple white lines on the right back pocket. Find them at the Standard Goods in Capitol Hill, Ian Shop in Belltown, sourcedenim.com, and yep, even Amazon.

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