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The downtown Seattle Nordstrom just got a lot more colorful. On Tuesday, October 18, Nordstrom launched its Nordstrom Welcomes Hermès boutique on the first floor of the store. The collaboration between the French house and the Seattle retailer, in store through the end of 2017, brings a first-of-its-kind accessories-only boutique to our city. We spoke to Olivia Kim, Nordstrom's vice president of creative projects, about the inspiration behind the spot.


How did this idea of the concept boutique come about?

I think Hermès has always been on the top of my list of brands to want to partner with and the timing was just really good. We had been in communication with them for quite some time and I think they were looking for an interesting opportunity to reach a new type of customer so that’s sort of where the conversation started.


What inspired you to build the boutique itself inside Nordstrom?

Hermès is a company that is rich with history and heritage and I think one of the interesting things for me was to be able to present the collection in a way that felt fun, playful a lot younger more colorful than what’s in their more typical store so we really looked to build an environment that replicated a jungle gym or a playground. It’s super interactive; we want customers to engage, play, and touch all of the products.


If you stand underneath the area with the strings hanging down and you look up there’s a mirror?

[That's] our silk experience room [and] it’s made from hundreds and hundreds of spaghetti strands of Hermès silk and it’s the ultimate shareable moment once you get inside. We really want the customers to engage and run their hands through it and play with all that silk. It’s super tactile and fun to touch. It works to make beautiful precious things feel not-so-precious all the time.

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What are you most looking forward to with this new addition?

I’m excited for our customers. I’m excited to see how they react to a brand they may already be familiar with. I’m excited for customers who are new to the brand to experience it in this environment. I think it’s a fun addition to our flagship store.


How do you hope the customers will respond?

I think they’re going to be really excited by it. It’s a super fun, cheerful space. There’s a lot of color, there [are] a lot of moments where people can get lost and explore. It’s also very interactive. So we hope they are not only curious about the product but also find themselves engaged in spending time in the space.


What accessories do you have in the concept boutique for customers?

So we are offering men’s and women’s silk so that means ties, scarves, silk scarves, bow ties, pocket squares...and then we also offer women’s fashion jewelry and some men’s accessories as well and some leather bracelets, necklaces, and cuff links.

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