For Elma Mizha, unexpected shapes and drapery are her specialty. Her label Man.tis is where casual meets elegant. Expect to see unique construction, a defined color palette, and added volume at the Independent Designer Runway Show on September 22.

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Image via Elma Mizha 

What inspires your designs?
My designs are inspired by comfort, comfort that can be achieved by draping generous amounts of fabrics in gracious shapes, unexpected shapes and sizes.

Who would you like to dress and why?
I would like to dress very unique individuals, individuals that have a very unique personality who would appreciate a one of a kind garment.

How would you describe your label?
My label is a label that focuses in timeless, distinctive, practical, effortless versatile garments. Ranging from high tech fabrics to silk and cottons, meticulously designed with singular features nested together to bring a one of a kind garment.

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Image via Elma Mizha 

Where is your studio and how does that environment help your design process?
My studio is located in south Seattle, through the west windows I can see mountains and amazing sunsets, these give me inspiration as well as the crisp white walls covered with inspiration pictures.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?
Outside of work, I do Tang Soo Do (Korean version of karate), I also try to go hiking and camping as much as possible with my family and cook as often as possible.

How long have you been a designer and what moment did you realize this is what you were meant to do?
I have been designing full-time for three years. My father taught me how to sew when I was five. At about 25, I had my own business as well as being a designer for my dad’s apparel company. After moving back to the states for the second time, I landed a few jobs but they weren’t very interesting nor fulfilling, then my little girls came into the picture and things changed. I then decided to polish my skills, went back to school, and started working as a full time designer shortly after graduating. Being a designer and having my own business gives me flexibility. I can spend time with my family and work.

Designing fulfills me as an individual; I enjoy what I do!