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IDRS 16 Files #4: Be Confident with Designer Devon Yan

Devonation brings designs inspired by Hong Kong to men’s and women’s fashion.

By Amanda Raschkow September 12, 2016

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Designer Devon Yan. Image via Devon Yan 

For Devon Yan, art and fashion are something he was interested in from the beginning. His label Devonation blends cultures, genres and skill together. Expect to see strong use of color and lines at the Independent Designer Runway Show on September 22.

What inspires your designs?
Elements around me, such as people, story, culture, sound, things I learn, and things I see make me feel inspired. I always tell people I do not just design what I see, I design what I feel; everyone can see or hear the same thing, but not everyone has the same feeling about it. I hope that can make my ideas and designs stand out in the public.

Who would you like to dress and why?
People who like to look different in a good way. People who like to try new things; people who are confident to be who they are in public; people who like to show their sense of lifestyle to others through my design.

How would you describe your label?
DEVONATION basically is a nation, a place that I am trying to build through my idea, my knowledge, my inspiration out of fashion and art. It is my fantasy that hopefully somehow still can relate to the audience and public who like to dream and appreciate dreams.

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Image via Devon Yan 

Where is your studio and how does that environment help your design process?
My studio is at my house currently, because somehow it is more convenient. You never know when the inspiration will come, I can just start working immediately. Sometime I will get inspired from a dream in the middle of the night.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?
I am also a watercolorist in addition to fashion designer. So I will paint with some good music,[plus] I like theater, museums, movies, road trips and traveling as well...just anything to learn something new.

How long have you been a designer and what moment did you realize this is what you were meant to do?
I have been designing on and off eight to nine years. I started as a stylist and an art editor for magazines in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (South China). The moment when I got the excitement for clothing was when I was 4-5 years old. My dad was a Chinese opera singer and I followed their group on tour since I was a baby. Hopefully someday I can be the person who creates those beautiful costumes for people who run around the stage.

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