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Style File: 5 Questions with Sharlese Metcalf

KEXP host and events maven Sharlese Metcalf dishes on her style.

By Colleen Williams August 3, 2016

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Image by Valerie Calano; courtesy of Sharlese Metcalf

You've definitely heard her on KEXP, but as radio is wont to do, you might not have ever seen her. We caught up with DJ and events extraordinaire Sharlese Metcalf to find out where she finds inspiration in Seattle and beyond.

Name and occupation.
Music Community Events Coordinator at KEXP; Host and Producer of Audioasison KEXP

Motto to live by.
It takes more effort to be mean to someone than it does to be nice.

Describe your style.
Vintage dresses on some days, comfy clothes on yoga days, black on other days and sometimes topped with a beanie!

Who’s your favorite designer or style icon?
I really like to wear vintage clothes. I love crazy, colorful vintage dresses that look fun and dressed up, but I also like to wear black. I like tank tops and leggings to feel extra comfortable.

I also really like the designs by Actual Pain. They have a combination of clothes that say interesting things, with statements. They also have very good looking black clothes like sweatshirts, tank tops, leggings and even a yoga line called Poseurs where they offer stylish yoga clothes.

I would say that my favorite style icons are my friends, most of them have such wonderful style, especially my Audioasis Events Assistant Julieta Renteria and KEXP's Social Media and Content Producer, Janice Headley!

I have also really been loving the style of Lupita Nyong’o. She wears such wonderful colors that are bright and lovely! I find a lot of inspiration with her selections.

What are your favorite shops and places to people watch in Seattle?
Goodwill and Value Village are my favorites, I also really like to shop online, lately I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest!

I love to people watch at KEXP’s New Home. So many differently people come to visit the station and it’s really cool to see all the people who listen or are just discovering the station by hanging out in the Seattle Center Park. KEXP is now open to the public and some are in wonder that they can actually see the DJ at work. Our space is very open, inviting and bright with a great cafe by La Marzocco.

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly–where to shop. 

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