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Style File: 5 Questions with Anna Banana

The arbiter of all things cool and vintage, Anna Banana gives us her Seattle faves for style.

By Colleen Williams August 24, 2016

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Owner of one of our favorite shops, Anna Banana has been curating amazing vintage and nouveau vintage (read: vintage-inspired) clothing and making it available to Seattleites since 2001. We wanted to know where she found her colorful and creative inspiration, and we were not disappointed.
Name and occupation.
Anna Banana, owner of Pretty Parlor, an award-winning boutique on Capitol Hill.
Quote to live by.
"Today's look reflects today's taste."
Describe your style.
Audrey Hepburn meets Judy Jetson. And as I age, Iris Apfel gets a nod in my wardrobe. I love combing the perfect blend of vintage style with a modern twist.

Who are your style icons and what inspires you?
Carmen Miranda, Doris Day, Dita Von Teese, Emilio Pucci, Betsey Johnson, Candice Gwinn (Trashy Diva), J Von Stratton, my shop girls and my Instagram feed. Dear Golden is a dream to follow. I'm constantly inspired by women's vintage style from the '20s through the '70s. I could thumb through vintage fashion books and watch old movies all day long.
What are your favorite shops and/or where do you get the most people watching?
Besides Pretty Parlor, shops I adore are Trove, Lucky Dry Goods, Curtis Steiner and Lucca Great Finds in Ballard. Indian Summer and Ghost Gallery are gems, and Elliot Bay Books is fantastic. Maxine's and the shops in back at Pacific Galleries are a feast for the eyes. I love people watching when I'm traveling, but the colorful and diverse crowd on Capitol Hill fills me on the daily. 
Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly–where to shop. 
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