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Seattle's StyleLab Takes Bloggers to the Next Level

Saturday's StyleLab workshop will teach content and branding from those in the know.

By Colleen Williams August 16, 2016

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Image courtesy of StyleLab; photography by Jenna Bechtholt.

This weekend (August 20), style writers, bloggers, photographers and personalities can get schooled with the help of StyleLab, a ticketed workshop that helps people get their fashion blog off the ground and running. With panelists Allison Wagner of West Coast Aesthetic, Julianna Lynch of Blush & Camo and McKenna Moe of The Modern Mosaic, the half-day course teaches not just blogging 101, but also running your site like a boss; they'll cover branding, imagery, content creation, collaborating with other brands, and social media. We had a chance to speak with media and style guru Sydney Mintle, the force behind StyleLab, and ask some questions about the upcoming event.

What was the inspiration behind creating StyleLab? 
Style Lab was created in response to the growing number of fashion bloggers in the city who are working to find their niche in the blogging world. The feedback we received after Stylish in Seattle confirmed our belief that bloggers are ready to roll-up their sleeves and get personalized feedback on their sites while also forming better connections with their peers.

Regarding the featured speakers - how did you guys link up?
I had the chance to get to know both Allison (West Coast Aesthetic) and McKenna (The Modern Mosaic) through the blogging scene in the city. I love their sites and felt that we all shared a common vision for bringing this content forward to the blogging community. Julianna and I met earlier this spring when I featured her as a panelist for the Westfield Southcenter Style Boss series. She was a natural fit to round out the panel because of her experience with content creation.

What can an attendee get out of StyleLab? What do you hope they walk away with knowing?
Style Lab students will learn how to visually brand their blog, how to write engaging posts, and how to effectively use social media to promote their content and track analytics. We frequently see style bloggers who nail one aspect of their site like photography, and then bomb at another, like content creation. This workshop is a great way for new and established bloggers to learn the fundamentals of style blogging and sharpen their skills in areas of their sites that may need a little love.

Any tips you're want to share to those who can't attend?
Over the past few years, the blogging scene in Seattle has become overly saturated and as a result, it's hard for bloggers to stand out. My biggest advice for bloggers who can't attend is to focus on developing their niche. The other piece of advice I like to tell new bloggers is to get to know their peers in the style community. The blogging scene is really supportive here in Seattle and that's something we don't always see in other markets.

What are the future plans for the project? Would you like to see it grow, add more days, add more panelists, etc.?
The Style Lab event is actually a spin-off of Stylish in Seattle. We will definitely be back with another style blogging summit next spring! In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to grow the fashion blogging community and sparking a whole new round of creative collaborations.

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