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IDRS 16 Files #1: Be Bold with Designer Christopher Jones’ Label Like a Rockstar

The Belltown based designer bends the rules of style.

By Amanda Raschkow August 25, 2016

This year marks the fifth year of the Independent Designer Runway Show (IDRS) at Bellevue Fashion Week and each week leading up to the event we are diving into the styles and lives of the nine finalists who will show their creations on September 22.

First up in our IDRS16 Files series is Christopher Jones. 

For Christopher Jones there are no limits. His suits tell a story all on their own. They scream of an attitude that is classic, with a serious dose of Rock n’ Roll. His label Like a Rockstar (LaRS) embodies the past into the present. Expect to see precise fit and edge, as unique as the designer, walking down the runway on September 22.

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Designer Christopher Jones. image via. Christopher Jones 

What inspires your designs?
Feelings and intuition most often inspire my designs. I'll set the table so to speak by getting into a favorite outfit and put on a favorite album, then sit in my living room and just soak in that stimulation; then creativity just seems to wash over me.

Who would you like to dress and why?
Anyone with a creative spirit who is bold and wonderful enough to truly feel that clothes are a physical interpretation of their state of mind, whatever that might be. That's my ideal fashion partner; we'd have some fun for sure.

How would you describe your label?
From initial inception to the process of naming my brand, I always clung to the idea that one of my favorite traits of real rock stars is the absence of normal rules of society. I set up LaRS to have these wide parameters that anything I could possibly dream up would fit inside those walls as there are no rules or consequences. So yeah, some of my designs are cut from late '60s, classic English rock 'n' roll marble, but some are from outer space, inspired by the cosmos. It is all about trusting my instincts that what I think is really cool, others will too.

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Image via. Christopher Jones 

 Where is your studio and how does that environment help your design process?
In Belltown where I have space for a pad and pencils, my computer, and my turntable. The tools of the trade.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?
I am currently opening a rock 'n’ roll bar in Belltown called Screwdriver that will bring more design ideas to life. It will be a living and breathing testament to creativity and fun and good times.

 How long have you been a designer and what moment did you realize this is what you were meant to do?
About ten years ago I started to formulate a thesis on what I passionately enjoy and how I could go about following through on what I enjoy every day. An important part of this was empowering people to get dressed up and encouraging people's individual style be unleashed; so I started focusing on designs that people really responded to and expanded from there to create individual looks for those willing to step out a bit. Ever since I saw the look on the gentleman's face after he tried on that first LaRS suit, I knew this is what I had to do. I'll never forget it and I strive for that glorious moment everyday.

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