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Fitcode Helps You Say Goodbye to the Denim Blues

Kirkland-based company Fitcode gets you the best fit in jeans with their fashion data service.

By Colleen Williams August 17, 2016

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Photography by Tawni Eakman; courtesy of Fitcode.

Fed up with jeans that don't fit, don't look good, don't...make you sing Neil Diamond at the top of your lungs? Well, model Rian Buckley created the Kirkland-based Fitcode for that very reason. "Rian co-founded Fitcode—a fashion data company that enhances the shopping experience by focusing on fit, not size—to bring that opportunity to life," the team explains. "We pair women of all shapes and sizes with great-fitting denim." Sounds intriguing, so we wanted to know more.

Tell me a little bit about Fitcode and founder Rian Buckley's motivation for starting the company.
Our CEO and co-founder, Rian Buckley, started the company after years modeling in the fashion industry for brands like Lululemon and Nordstrom. After spending countless hours on set being clipped and pinned, she had an epiphany: Shopping online for clothes is so frustrating because of unrealistic, Photoshopped product images and a lack of standardized sizing. With that realization, she recognized an opportunity: by improving the experience for consumers and she could lessen costly returns for retailers.

How does Fitcode work? Do I first fill out the quiz and then go shopping, or do I need to be present in a store?
[You] take a brief, four-question fit quiz—no measurements needed!—to find your Fitcode and unlock a curated shopping experience.

Our denim boutique serves up recommended styles for your body type that we’ve hand measured and fit-tested on women in your same Fitcode. Browse our boutique to find styles you love, and find your perfect fit by filtering by variables like style, wash, brand, and price. Dig into our denim details to get more info on standardized measurements, fabric stretch information, sizing recommendations, and fit tips. Once you’re ready to buy, just click the link to complete your purchase on our retail and brand partner sites. (And we’ll even tell you when something’s on sale!)

We offer a range of premium denim brands, such as Hudson Jeans, Paige Denim, JAG Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Levi’s, and more. The Fitcode experience is currently only available online, but we ultimately plan to expand in-store to enhance the full consumer experience.

Fitcode can size almost anyone, and it's a really important step in progressive fashion to be able to clothe every body. How important is addressing sizeist issues to the brand?
So important.

We truly believe that every woman deserves to look and feel amazing. We strive to help women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and beautiful in their bodies, and we want to continue building a brand that encourages that.

We love partnering with brands—like JAG Jeans, another Seattle-based company—that share those same core values. Whenever possible, we try to highlight brands and figures who are challenging the status quo and embracing body positivity, inspiring other women, and combating sexism and sizeism.

What are the future plans for growth or expansion with Fitcode?
We’re very excited to be launching the next evolution of the Fitcode experience with Hudson Jeans this fall (September 2016). Fitcode will be integrated with, so consumers can take the fit quiz and browse Hudson styles within their Fitcode without ever leaving Hudson’s website.

For now, we’re really focused on perfecting our women’s denim offering. From there, the sky’s the limit! And yes, we’d love to expand into men’s denim. The men on team Fitcode will be very happy when that day comes!

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