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Your Closet Needs to Meet Cuniform

A personal styling duo in Seattle sets out to overhaul your wardrobe and the way you shop.

By Colleen Williams July 28, 2016

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Image by Sohail Fazluddin; courtesy of Cuniform.

Cuniform is a "sliding scale personal styling agency," and consists of two masterminds: Colton Dixon Winger and Christine Tran. Both have storied pasts in fashion, including a stint at Seattle's own Totokaelo, and they're here to revolutionize your wardrobe. We called up Colton and got down to brass tacks, wondering specifically what made them different; turns out, it's a pretty unique full service wardrobe system that takes what you have and makes it cool again.

Cuniform offers different rates for different clients, and their goal is to make your closet work for you, styling what you already have and then filling in missing pieces. They take photos and create archives, give you a personalized list that explains the pieces you already have and what you may benefit from purchasing or adding. "It's very psychological," Colton explains. "We find out who you are, what you do for a living, and then edit out items that don't work with your lifestyle or personality, or perhaps find new ways to style what you already have. We read a lot of body language!" He and his partner Christine have developed an array of independent partnerships at local boutiques, "we steer clear of fast fashion or big retailers because we like to support local, and also you want lasting pieces for longevity, and that keeps your wardrobe versatile." 

A visit typically starts with a wardrobe audit, then other services follow to round out the entire experience. "We firmly believe in not wasting anything," Colton says when I mention that editing a pre-existing wardrobe is pretty eco-friendly. The stylists donate to specific nonprofits and will even resell your pieces to consignment affiliates. They also believe in approaching your wardrobe empathetically: "we love people and want to help them look their best."

So, do they edit their own wardrobes? "Yes!" Colton laughs. "Just the other day, Christine went down to only a few select outfits, and I've edited mine to be only black clothing for travel." They also challenge each other to "not shop for a year"—who knew stylists could also be minimalists? You can book the company online here for Seattle, Portland, NYC and the Hamptons now, with options for appointments in other major cities coming soon.

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