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A display of creatively named sun blocks available at the Nordstrom Pop-In.

Photo Courtesy Nordstrom

July 5–
Bravern Pop-up
The go-to Bellevue fashion stop hosts a pop-up shop for Sarah Alexandra, designer of fine button-up shirts for women, and Maria Christofilis, a perfume maker who will launch her newest scent, Mykonos12, at the event. 

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Image via Nordstrom

July 5–
Pop-In at Nordstrom Gets Out
The newest Pop-In focuses on those outdoor summer vacations like camping and road-trips. Kayaks, hammocks, camping gear and attire will all be on display for those looking to do something a little different (because Hawaii hasn't been cool since Jack London passed away). 

July 5–
Ebbet's All-Star Sale
The mid-summer classic is almost here. To properly ring the All-Star Game, Ebbet's in Pioneer Square are offering 25 percent off all orders just by using the promo code "allstar" at check-out. So if you forgot to get Dad something this past father's day, here's your chance to make it up. 

July 6–9
Butch Blum Trunk Show
Citizens of Humanity's contemporary denim line and Patrick Assaraf's luxury gentleman's line will be available for purchase (or just viewing, because who doesn't love looking around BB)? 

July 8 thru early August
Luxury Garage Sale Pop-up
The Chicago-based consignment boutique has found its way to Seattle. Think of it as an upscale second-hand shop. One where it isn't so hard to find the diamond in the rough. (1826 6th Ave between Olive & Stewart)

Save the Date
July 31 
E. Smith Chef Dinner Series Vol. XXIII
For a more intimate home-cooking environment, look no further than the new Chef Series Dinner in E. Smith's hideaway bar. Tim Stewart of Kurtwood Farms is giving customers the farm-to-table experience with produce from local Rainier Beach Urban Farm. 

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