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Image courtesy of RainbowGore Cake, taken by Keith Johnson.

Taking the world by storm is RainBowGore Cake, a young drag queen clocking in at only 13 years old. Partly inspired by John Waters and Elvira (with some Lynch thrown in), we wanted to get the goods on where she gets her inspiration and what makes her style sense tick.

Name and occupation:
My name is RainBowGore Cake, and I'm America's Youngest Drag Superstar.

Quote to live by?
One of my favorite quotes that I say is, "You don't have to hide who you are, love yourself and be free no matter how young or old you are!"

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Photo by Keith Johnson.

Describe your style.
My style is very Black Lodge Fierceness, Swap Meet Glam, and also Cult Horror Couture.

Who is your favorite designer or style icon?
Some iconic legends that inspire me are Peaches Christ, Laura Palmer, and the "talented" Baby Jane. And some of my favorite designers are Jamie Von Stratton and of course, Value Village

What are some of your favorite places to people watch or get inspiration in Seattle?
Well some of my favorite places to people watch and get inspired are Pretty Parlor, dingy cafés, Can Can Cabaret, and Skid Row Drag Shows.

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