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Wear What When: June 27–July 3

Jack Straw's Damn Good Sale Continues, a Glasswing Pop-up, and a new E. Smith Summer Camp Class.

By Kyle Kuhn June 27, 2016

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The clothes being worn are part of Alex Crane's spring/summer collection.

Image via Glasswing

June 27–
Ready, Set, Sale
Okay, it's officially summer now—if that closet is still full of coats and sweaters then it's time to do something. Aritzia is having a spring/ summer sale on select styles. Now stop wearing a jacket when it's sunny and 70° outside. 

June 27–
Baby and Co Spring/ Summer Sale
Another great sale full of spring and summer attire. And if summer had been prepped for months in advance, it's still worth checking for when the weather becomes more Seattle again. 

June 27–
Jack Straw: Damn Good Sale
Yes, it's still going on, and the name of the sale pretty much says it all. Short sleeve button-ups, dresses, pants, everything in the store is on sale. Don't forget to check out the "Sin Bin," it contains past styles with slashed prices (and just because it's a past style, doesn't mean it's out of style). 

July 2
Glasswing Pop-up
Alex Crane's gender neutral spring/summer collection is the highlight of the Capitol Hill clothing and home goods shop next pop-up. If customers need a little more enticement, Frankie and Jo's ice cream will be available to preview (on the house). 

Save the Date
July 7
Hand Sewing with Leather
Some people carry around raggedy wallets that have gone through multiple family generations, and I get it, there's sentimentality to them. But it's a little off-putting when it becomes perfectly molded to your posterior. In E. Smith's fourth summer camp class they'll be teaching participants how sew with leather by teaching them how to make a wallet. And who knows, you might finally be able to make that replica Mad Max jacket.  

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