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Meet Jonathan Porretta, a talented principal dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, who is in the now-showing American Stories ballet (started June 3 and you can still catch it until June 12!). Porretta has been with the PNB since 1999, making him an essential must-see in Seattle and an expert on where to go. He's funny, fashionable and, to be honest, we wanna be friends in real life. Here is his ShopTalk Style File.

Name and occupation:
Jonathan Porretta; Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Dancer

Quote to live by?
I live by RuPaul’s statement, “We're all born naked and the rest is drag.” I just think so many people take themselves too seriously, or are too scared to try new things, especially with fashion. I love to change it up, revamp what I wear and experiment.

Describe your style.
My everyday wear is focused on being comfortable; I wear sneakers all the time. Being a ballet dancer, sneakers are just so much easier with orthotics [laughs]. Otherwise, I love relaxed, soft denim; I love graphic tees. I am always layering—I’ll wear a layered flannel for fall or winter, or like right now, I’m wearing a denim shirt on top. I love jean jackets; basically, relaxed, trendy streetwear. Very classic American.

Who are your favorite designers & icons?
My style icons are David Beckham and '90s Johnny Depp. And for designers, I love Marc Jacobs and Gucci. I think if I had a dream collaborator for ballet costumes, it would be Chanel. I have so many Chanel-inspired brooches, it’s insane.

What are your favorite places in Seattle to shop and people watch?
I love to find something very designer and find the equivalent at Zara—I’m obsessed with Zara. And if I’m feeling very splurge-y, I will hit up All Saints downtown. I love to people watch in Capitol Hill! You can find any coffee shop on the Hill, go outside and see such amazing street fashion. I say, go ahead, wear it. People can really pull a look here, and on the hill, they are so great at it. 

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly–where to shop.


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