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Lancôme Custom Makeup Is Available in Seattle

The beauty brand offers custom made makeup in two U.S. cities, one of which is Seattle.

By Colleen Williams June 30, 2016

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My prized custom foundation.

The future of custom foundation is here. No, literally, it is here, in Seattle, at the Lancôme counter. The brand has developed personalized foundation creation at two locations in the nation (I'm committing to that sentence) and one of them is at our very own Nordstrom downtown. 

Where other brands have tried with custom makeup, Lancôme has excelled with a more technologically savvy method to completely match your skin, called Le Teint Particulier. There are six total certified beauty brainiacs across the country who handle the brand's customization process; two are in Torrance, CA and four are right here in Seattle.  

I sat down with Jenessa Wheeler, Business Manager and artiste extraordinaire at Nordstrom Lancôme, to get the full rundown of the makeup-making. First, the consultant/makeup artist asks you a few questions about your skin: what you love about your complexion, what kind of coverage you like (sheer, medium, or full), how you describe your skin (dry, normal, or oily), and what you want your skin to look like (radiant or matte). 

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Taking these answers into consideration, they then get scientific; the consultant scans your skin in an area most representative of your overall face with their little scanning button machine, which can pick up 20,000 different pigments. It then sends the data of your complicated, unique, beautiful complexion to the foundation mixing computer (these are not the technical terms, if you couldn't tell), and your consultant plugs in the specifications for your formula. 

We then watched the machine spit out creams, pigments, a little bit of this and that into a tube, and I felt like I was about to get an Everlasting Gobstopper. My foundation was done in under 5 minutes, and then Jenessa applied it with one of those fabulous foundation brushes. The result? A completely customized shade and type made just for my skin. The recommend you call in advance to set up a consult (206-628-1412), and be prepared to drop a little dough: Le Teint Particulier runs $80 before tax.

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