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Photo via Butch Blum 

May 11
London Plane Ranunculus Floral Class
The ranunculus is a beautiful genus of plant with a huge, colorful bloom that tends to grow in the summer. So London Plane thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate their return with a floral class that includes special guest, Vivian Larson, a ranunculus guru and the owner of Everyday Flowers. 

May 11
Peru-International Fashion Event
Experience the fashion and culture of Peru with this event including some of the country's most popular models and designers. All proceeds from this show will go to Hoja Nueva, a rainforest conservation organization. 

May 10–14
Butch Blum: Bespoke Shirts Event
When done right, there is no better quality of garment than bespoke. These shirts, made by Hamilton, will be cut and sewn to each customer's unique specification. Sorry, almost forgot the best part, all Hamilton bespoke shirt purchases for this event are 20 percent off.  

May 10–
Asher Goods Sale
It's definitely not winter anymore, but the men's clothing and grooming shop located on the Kirkland waterfront just marked down some cold-weather style staples like a slim-fit Navy peacoat. The weather won't be cold enough for any sane person to decide to wear many of these choices for a while, but a sale's a sale. 

Save the Date
May 27
E. Smith Mercantile Summer Camp Series 
Wouldn't it be nice to have flowers that don't have to be thrown away a week after they've been bought? Kate Alarcon and E. Smith (the Pioneer Square clothing shop with a bar in the back) are hosting the second event of its Summer Camp Class Series: making paper flowers. The skills learned from this class would be great for gift giving and will last year round. 

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