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The Gabo Sport Coat, one of Butch Blum's past jazzy Friday selections.

Photo via Butch Blum 

May 31–June 30
Butch Blum: Save KPLU savings
The community group looking to save KPLU has reached their goal! So just as a reminder, if anyone donated $50 or more they will receive 20 percent off BB's jazzy Friday selections (with proof of donation). BB recommends that their customers come in ASAP if they haven't already made their purchase to ensure the item they're looking for is still available. 

May 31–
Barneys Designer Sale
For those who have the kind of money to shop at such a place, this sale is a great opportunity to stock up on summer necessities. On select styles—which includes sport coats, dresses, and shoes—customers can find items up to 40 percent off. 

May 31–
Fox and the Feather: Badass Sale
The right summer dress can transition seamlessly from the beach, to dinner, to whatever comes next, and this Capitol Hill women's clothing store has quite a selection with slashed prices. 

May 31–June 5
Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale
Summer has unofficially started, and Nordstrom has given all men, women, and children a reason to celebrate. As far as warm weather clothes and accessories go, I couldn't find anything that wasn't marked-down. So if any particular item has been difficult to find, check here.  

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Save the Date
June 16
E. Smith Summer Camp Series 3
Imagine this: you're on a hike with your date when he (or she) slips and scrapes their knee (blood squirting everywhere) and there's nothing that can be done because you forgot to bring the first aid kit. Your future lifelong partner is unimpressed by the lack of skill exhibited and decides to not go another date. Well, this bleak future won't happen if you participate in E. Smith's third installment of their summer camp series on natural first aid. It's like I'm you from the future coming back to save you, #yourewelcome #makehashtagspoundsignsagain 


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