Sales: Mario’s, Barneys, Nordstrom, Blackbird, Neiman Marcus [Updated]

It’s a great week to be a woman in Seattle—and it’s not a bad time to be a guy, either.

By Laura Cassidy June 2, 2011

Lanvin, on sale at Mario’s.

Ladies, check it out: You’ve got the Nordstrom half-yearly sale for women and children in full-effect; markdowns in Collectors, the designer department, and designer shoes and handbags, started yesterday and continue tomorrow.

Beginning today, you’re also wanted on the second floor of Mario’s, where the women’s summer sale is commencing. You’ll find prices cut on pieces by Prada, Lanvin, Helmut Lang, Brunello Cucinelli, Vince, and more.

And then there’s Barneys, where savings of up to 40 percent kicked off yesterday.

Now, gentlemen: Don’t feel left out. That Barneys sale includes clothes, shoes, and accessories for men and women, and on top of that, the designer sale at Blackbird in Ballard started yesterday and continues as long as the merchandise is there.

UPDATE: Hey! Neiman Marcus is on sale too! Women’s designer is up to 40 percent off and you’re invited to save up to 33% on menswear.

Your biggest headache is where to begin. Just keep one thing in mind, okay? Yes, you can shop online at a number of these stores, but if you’re planning to hit Nordstrom sale and/or the Barneys one, do your community a favor and hit them in person. Not by pointing and clicking. Why? Because doing so means one of your neighbors gets the commission, not some computer. (Go ahead and shop online with Blackbird, that money will stay in town regardless since they’re totally local; with Mario’s, virtual shopping is not an option.)

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