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Ms. Vazquez attending the Seattle Opera Gala Featuring Greer Grimsley in April; photograph by Philip Newton.

With The Flying Dutchman in full swing (catch it before it leaves on May 21), we looked to the Seattle Opera for fashion, class and local faves, and found the brilliantly attired Moya Vazquez. An avid culture buff with a flair for an entrance (see above), Moya knows the ins and outs of not just theater, but also, where to shop.

Name and occupation:
Moya Vazquez, retired biotechnology marketing executive.  Board member of Seattle Opera and Town Hall Seattle.

Your motto?
Less is more (most of the time, except when it comes to a loaf of bread from London Plane).

Describe your style. 
I usually wear classic styles in neutral colors and then accessorize, usually with a scarf or jewelry. Because I choose classic pieces, I often wear them for decades. I learned long ago to avoid high heels even though I am only 5’2” and would love to add a little height to my stature.

Who is your favorite designer? 
My favorite designer is Antoni and Alison, carried by Baby and Co. Each piece is like a vividly painted picture. I know this doesn't fit with the description of my classic, neutral style! It is a contradiction and perhaps I am more eclectic than I think.

What are your favorite shops (or places to people watch) in Seattle? 
I love to shop at the cosmetic department at Barneys, at Peter Miller Books for gifts (and just to chat with Peter), and at Inform for home furnishings. Standing in the McCaw Hall lobby and watching the parade of people all dressed to attend the opera fascinates me, as does watching the huge variety of citizens streaming into the Great Hall for an event at Town Hall Seattle.

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly–where to shop.