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If you’re one of the lucky 4,828 followers of Instagram account murdershelook, you already know about its genius selection of Murder, She Wrote screenshots. You’ve been double tapping each and every one, relishing in its uniqueness, loving every big shoulder pad, fawning over the gold lurex and big hair. It is absolutely magnificent.

The show ran from 1984 to 1996, and with 264 episodes, a plethora of guest stars, and a myriad of questionably awesome fashion choices, there is enough content to fuel Murder She Look for at least the next year; and with the show's recent foray into streaming (Netflix, all the episodes, whenever you want them), MSW is entering a renaissance. Murder She Look is a nod to the fashion of heroine Jessica Fletcher, thriving on a fan base who finds Angela Lansbury influential, funny and possibly divine. And why not? She’s not only a theatrical force (her career has spanned 70+ years), she's also cinematic royalty and still in the public eye—The Gentlewoman featured her as cover girl for their A/W 2012 issue; not bad for a then 86 year old.

Murder She Look takes this rediscovered love for Jess and gives the public what it wants: the style! Not every look has been catalogued yet, but every post so far has been remarkable. Highlights include:

Msl virtual lr1zju

That time Jessica went full future in A Virtual Murder, first aired in 1993, and captured by Murder She Look. Who knew a sweater vest could mesh so effortlessly with virtual reality goggles and gloves?

Msl sleuth kxjuqt

Absolutely classic sleuth gear, from 1990's Trials and Tribulations episode. This is what an icon is made of: big glasses, big hat, big trench. Jessica nails it.

Msl sassy cj5w1i

Sometimes Jessica got flashy! Actually she was trying to dupe a suspect into handing over some clues, but these mom jeans plus a scorching red top speak for themselves.

Msl bye ntca6f

Jessica Fletcher: icon, author, detective, aunt, avid jogger. Bye, babe. 

All above images are from Murder, She Wrote and the Instagram account, murdershelook.


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