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Image via Combatant Gentlemen

The inaugural suit is a coming-of-age event for many. Unfortunately, that first suit doesn't grow with the wearer or the passing of styles. So why not wear a suit not tailored after the fact, but actually custom made for individual measurements? On March 4–5, you can do just that as part of Combatant Gentlemen's POP-In @ Nordstrom, where the men's custom boutique offers their made-to-measure suit service along with a selection of their ties, shirts, and tuxedos.

Combatant Gentlemen's ready-to-wear service cuts out the middle man and sources its own cotton and wool, able to provide a stylish, modern-cut suit for the budget-minded gentleman. For the past eight months, if you wanted a custom suit from CG, you had to book a flight to Irvine, California for a visit with an on-location tailor. In collaboration with Nordstrom, Combatant Gentleman now takes their "traveling made-to-measure" service on the road.  

"For the millennial male we wanted to offer something that was custom, something that showed their personality for the weekends, or a job interview, something that's special to them," says Vishaal Melwani, CEO, creative director and cofounder, who wanted to give customers a classic tailoring experience at a competitive cost.

While the basic suit fitting only involves a handful of tweaks, Combatant Gentlemen's tailors do about 60 different measurements during the appointment. All fabrics, lapels, buttons, linings, and pockets are totally customizable. Melwani says the whole experience will take about 35 to 45 minutes. Then, six weeks later, the suit arrives at the buyer's residence. For the finer adjustments, Combatant Gentlemen will send their tailors back out to Seattle to make sure it's the perfect fit. While there isn't a set date for these follow-up visits, Melwani noted they are willing to do house calls. 

To take part in this limited-time opportunity for a made-to-measure suit, make an appointment for this weekend. The Macallan distillery and Georgetown Brewery will also be on hand during the fitting.