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Actor Rob Lowe, television veteran of The West Wing and Parks and Rec fame, wanted to make sure people knew his debut fragrance wasn't just a way to use his face to sell something. While speaking at the Nordstrom launch event, he was quick to point out 18 Amber Wood is "not a celebrity fragrance in the sense that people are used to." Lowe wants his product to stand the test of time, to be a staple for generations of men like Polo and Hugo Boss. 

The creation of Lowe's men's grooming company, Profile, was a way for him to share such knowledge with men around the world. But 18 Amber Wood is a little more personal—not something he had a team put together for him. He wanted this scent to represent himself and his lifestyle. "It is actually an extension of me" says Lowe. "It's something I wear everyday."   

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It wasn't easy. Lacking a formal background in perfumery, Lowe wasn't able to tell his team that the fragrance needed this much more bergamot or blue sage. Instead he explained what kind of men would wear it, how he wants those men to feel, and events they would wear it for. "It's like 'what makes a song good?'" says Lowe. "You just know it when you hear it."

After three years and many scent tests, Lowe finally landed on the "bold but subtle" scent worthy of launching the Profile brand.

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