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Lambeth Dress by Talula, can be found at Aritzia

Feb 15–21
Hammer and Awl Winter Sale 
Ever wanted to wear a hunting cap backwards just like your favorite fictional character, Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye? Now you can. Hammer and Awl's winter sale features many great cold weather items, like the Pendleton Vintage cap. But spring is on the way (and it can't come soon enough). So check out the trendy rain jacket made by Rains. It's available in a light sand color or a classic navy blue, it's sure to keep you dry through the coming months.

Feb 15– 
Aritzia Snooze You Lose Sale
If you've been looking for an excuse to binge shop, the Snooze You Lose Sale that features many fall and winter styles is just that. It's time to purchase that new coat you've been dreaming of to keep you warm and stylish as you wait for the bus. Aritzia doesn't have a specific end date for this sale yet so it'd be best to stop by sooner rather than later. 

Feb 15–21
Show Pony Winter Sale
Women's boutique Show Pony has a little bit of everything on sale to help ready the wardrobe for spring and summer. Need a new pair of Sandals? Check out the Deb Wedge Sandal by Eric Michael. Or maybe you've been wanting a few more dresses hanging in the closet. The simple polka dot pattern never goes out of style, so check out the Jacinta Dress by Modaspia

Feb 15–21
Velouria Jewelry Sale
Head down to Velouria in Pioneer Square for exceptional deals on some unique jewelry designs. Adorn the lobes with bronze Saturn Rising Earrings, made at Aoko Su Studios. Looking to really stand out? Check out the adjustable Niare Collar that will help spice up any outfit. Better hurry down though. Items are already selling out. 

Save the Date

Tues Feb. 23
Last Tuesday Spa Special
It's time for Spa Noir's monthly special, a running sale on the last Tuesday of every month. Services such as manicures, pedicures, massages, and brow shaping are all discounted. So head in and grab a glass of champagne, a few chocolates, and treat yourself because it's just Tuesday. The work week isn't even half over yet. 

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