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3 Things to Know About the New Uniqlo

Japan’s fast-fashion brand opens its first Northwest shop just in time for winter weather.

By Emma Ranniger November 9, 2015

It's the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one: Uniqlo opened at the Bellevue Collection over the weekend to much fun and fanfare. We popped by the mega brand’s VIP launch event and gathered three things to know about their ubiquitous down coats, fancy body-temperature technology, and Seahawks fandom. Here's the skinny:

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1. It’s more about function than trend
As vice chairman Larry Meyer put it, “We’re here to keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry in the rain.” The store is the first and only of its kind in the upper left, and its aim is to supply a certain functionality that matches how Seattle works.

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Instead of rotating in all the flashiest trends, Uniqlo has a washable bounty of basics for guys, gals and kids. Think cotton blend layers, cashmeres, universal fit blouses, fleece lined hoodies, technicolor flannels and stretch trousers and denim—not to mention the slew of loungewear and that pair of water resistant cargos suited for the fashion-conscious outdoorsman. (Style editor Amanda Zurita swears by their black Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans.)

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2. They have your winter needs covered.
With their branded Heattech technology, Uniqlo has solved the dilemma of copious winter layers. Lightweight fabrics keep you warm by converting your body moisture into heat in items ranging from shirts to socks.

And of course the down coats. The store didn’t fail to stock its signature outerwear for the Bellevue debut: vests, ultralight jackets, stretch downs with a cool jersey finish, parkas (complete with faux fur trim), military coats, and even a quilted a-line miniskirt.

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 3. They partner with the Seahawks.
Knowing their new customer base well, Uniqlo not only recruited Seahawks player Jermaine Kearse to hype up their arrival, but also partnered with the team to support Kearse’s 15 to 1 Foundation. A former military kid, Kearse started the nonprofit to give back through supporting and engaging military youth to help them follow their dreams beyond the base.

See more of our favorite Uniqlo picks and head to the Eastside to shop for yourself. Tag @seattlemet on social media to share your scores with us.

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