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Given the time, I pride myself on being a pretty solid gift giver. I do sort of shop for a living, so hunting down handcrafted somethings that are special and thoughtful for my nearest and dearest is a much-loved activity. The problem, however, comes with that time factor I mentioned...I never seem to have enough of it (and I know I'm not the only one)—which is why I'm all about the newly launched, locally based online store Knack.

Started by tech vet Laura Jennings, Knack allows shoppers to assemble custom gifts into unique containers and ship them directly to the recipient. "I founded Knack as a way to bring the joy back into gift giving," Jennings told me. "If you’ve ever given someone a gift so perfect that you couldn’t wait for the recipient to open it, you know the feeling I’m trying to create. We’re all so busy these days, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to put thought and meaning in to our gifts."

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Most exciting is Knack's selection of handmade, artisan goods. I love seeing some of my favorite local brands (Fran's Chocolates, Herbivore Botanicals, Capitol Hill Candle Company, etc) repped on the site. Each gift comes with a custom "Knackbook" that includes a message from the sender and a set of pages outlining the story behind each item. 

"I truly am in love with all of our merchants, but I will admit to a particular soft spot for the Flasher Bat from Seattle company Careful It Bites," says Jennings. "I also love an apple-shaped surprise ball we had custom made just for us. It’s the size of a softball, yet it has 12 small gifts inside. It's the perfect teacher gift."

Price-wise, Knack is comparable to going out and sourcing these items on your own. It's just easier. And as you assemble your gift you can monitor the price to stay on budget. There are also plenty of pre-assembled Knack gifts to choose from on the site, making it so no-nonsense you're guaranteed to hit the mark with your gifts.

Head to the site to start shopping now. If you're anything like me, you might up wanting to send a gift to yourself as well.

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