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Move over Venetian hour. Food bars are taking over more than dessert at weddings. Popping up during cocktail hours and late night snack times, a food bar is a spread for light refreshments or drinks that guests can construct or sample. Popular options include a mashed potato bar and a make-your-own candy bag a la Sweet Factory. 

This DIY option allows guests to interact with the wedding by making their own concoctions. Prepare a unique spread by sticking with foods indicative to the Northwest. Here are some great local ideas:


Craft Brews
Okay so this one isn't really a make-it-yourself bar, but a craft beer tasting station showcases the Northwest's passion of brewing. Buy an assortment of wares from local companies like Fremont Brewing, Peddler, or Hilliard's to encourage guests to make their own beer flight.

Caviar may sooner be expected at a wedding in the Ritz Carlton than a Ballard backyard, but throwing together a food bar–worthy sampling is actually quite affordable. Try buying Seattle Caviar Co.'s Golden White Fish or Ikura which starts at $10 a tin, and one expensive caviar like the Idaho White Sturgeon. Compliment the caviar by covering the table with different kinds of salmon. Try the smoked salmon candy or lox from the famous fish throwers at Pike Place Fish. Pair the salmon with small crackers, cream cheese, mini bagels, or thicker cuts of cucumber. 


Ice Cream Sundaes
The amount of ice cream in Seattle can result in a major brain freeze. Buy a few pints from local ice creameries in traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate, and add in a third flavor like Umpqua's Cougar Tracks or Molly Moon's Earl Grey. For toppings highlight Washington by offering black berries, raspberries, and Fran's Chocolates caramel sauce.  

Fran's and Theo Chocolates offers chocolate bars and truffles in unique flavors like malt whiskey and coconut curry. Break the bars into squares and place into respective bowls so that guests can try a little of everything. Theo Chocolates also prints personalized candy bar wrappers to add a sweet momento to the big day.


It's no secret that the Northwest is known for its coffee. But unless Howard Schultz is in attendance, Starbucks won't make specialty lattes at a wedding. However, the company does offer a 96 ounce coffee traveler. For a simple coffee station buy a couple of the travelers and provide the guests with cream, sugar, and other popular add-ins. If a bigger jolt is desired, try Espresso Elegance.

Seattle Dogs
Hot dogs are a great late night food. At night multiple hot dog carts dot Capitol Hill selling Seattle dogs. The city's namesake dog has a toasted bun, caramelized onions, and cream cheese. Local hot dog vendor, Mad Dawg's Hot Dogs will cater a wedding and provide guests with the traditional Seattle dog. Mad Dawg's also has other toppings available so that out of state guests won't feel out of place.

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