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 If you've ever thought "I need a deep-tissue massage right. now." or wanted to spontaneously surprise your honey with a couples rub-down but would rather not leave the house, this new service is for you.

Based in Los Angeles, Soothe launched in Seattle a few months ago with the goal of bringing on-demand massages to relax locals in their own homes—or hotel rooms, or office buildings if you work somewhere progressive like that, I suppose. Potential clients simply log on to Soothe online or using the app, then book 60-, 90-, or 120-minute massages performed by certified, licensed, and insured massage therapists.

You can select if you'd prefer a masseur or a masseuse (male or female therapist), four different styles of massage, and any time slot between 9 am and midnight, including same-day appointments. Therapists arrive at your home 15 minutes early to set up a massage table in the room of your choosing. The rest of the process will seem familiar: slide under the sheet, face down, face up, "is this the right pressure?," etc, with the only difference being that your dog might walk through the room.

If there's a downside for city-dwellers, it's that urban domiciles aren't always the most tranquil of environments. Personally, I live within blocks of three hospitals meaning my massage was marked with the sweet sounds of several sirens. Not quite the zen retreat.

The upsides, though, include the ease of using the service, the comfort of never leaving home, and the price. Massages clock in at $99, $139, and $169 depending on length. As with other on-demand services like Uber, for example, prices are inclusive of tip and services are paid automatically via your stored credit card. No need to fish around for cash in your post-massage bliss state.

 Give the service a spin for yourself. Soothe is offering Shop Talk readers $30 off their first service when you use discount code MET30 at booking. 

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