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Blog Spot: Hey Pretty Thing

Blogger Carolyn Marino shares her new classic take on Seattle style.

By Natalie Lew June 1, 2015

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Carolyn Marino is a force to be reckoned with. She's been featured in the Seattle Times, collaborated with Nordstrom and Refinery 29, and has over 9,000 followers on Instagram, for starters.  But there's more to her than names and numbers: Carolyn shows off her smart, thoughtful and polished street style in her blog 

Shop Talk: For a little background, where were you born and raised and where are you currently living?
Carolyn: I was born in Hong Kong, raised in north Seattle, and currently live in Capitol Hill. 

Tell us about your personal style in three words.
Modernized classics/basics. 

What do you do outside of blogging? Are you a full-time fashion blogger or is it a side profession?
I teach high school English full time, and I blog part time. 

What's your blogging timeline? When did you first start and what inspired you to take it up? 
I grew up on the Internet. Ever since I was 11, I've had a blog—back in the day it was hosted on Geocities, Angelfire, Xanga, Livejournal... does anyone remember those sites anymore? I liked the community aspect of the Internet, and I used to have pen pals from friends I made on forums. Now, blogging is a platform that connects me to people who inspire me and provides opportunities to work with brands that I respect.

What's the hardest thing in terms of blogging about Seattle style? What's the best thing?
The hardest thing and the best thing are more or less the same. I love Seattle for how practical, conscious, and down-to-earth people are about fashion. In any given situation, people could be dressed up or way chill and no one really cares. The hardest thing is that the same laid-back mentality towards fashion can also lead to less access of products/brands/boutiques found in other metropolitan cities. I also tend to play it safe with styles and colors because Seattle's vibe is more casual and pragmatic.

One blog/Instagram that you've been obsessing over lately:
I love Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl: quality photography, fun yet elegant style, genuine and excellent businesswoman.

What's your ultimate wardrobe essential item?
Black skinny J Brand jeans. Also: Striped tees. Oxford shirts. Chelsea boots and sneakers. Leather jacket.

Give other style bloggers a piece of your own advice.
Figure out what you want from blogging—if it's a hobby, then just enjoy it and make connections. I approach blogging as a business, so I do everything: coding HTML, PR, styling, modeling, location scouting, developing content, maintaining relationships with brands and companies, and working with my husband/partner, who is the blog photographer. If another blogger is also pursuing it as a business, then my advice would be to have a consistent posting schedule and quality photography/content. And of course, have fun with it! 

What do you hope to see more of in Seattle's style future?
To continue supporting our local boutiques. We have a few beautiful lifestyle and concept shops like Totokaelo, E. Smith Mercantile, Glasswing, etc. and I'd love to see more.

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