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Blog Spot: Cupcakes and Creativity

Meet Grace Xia, a UW student with a knack for style smarts.

By Natalie Lew May 21, 2015

Seattle style blogger Grace Xia in her element on campus.
Image via Cupcakes and Creativity

With her blog Cupcakes and Creativity making major waves at the University of Washington, Grace Xia is making her way into Seattle's style community, blowing up on Instagram and even scoring a feature on J.Crew’s blog. Passionate about french bulldogs and cupcakes, Grace chats with us about overcoming rainy days and her version of success. 

For a little background, where were you born and raised and where are you currently living?
I was born in Utah, but I consider Washington my home because I’ve lived here for 18 years. I’m currently living in Seattle and loving it! 

Your personal style in three words:
Classic. Minimal. Contemporary. 

Assuming your blog doesn’t pay the bills, what do you do in order to pay the wireless bill and buy new clothes?
I’m a full-time business student at the University of Washington. My focuses are in HR Management and Marketing. Blogging is a full-time hobby though.

Your blogging timeline: Is this your first? What, if anything, came before?
I just had my first blogging birthday in March. I was inspired to start because I have always loved writing and really enjoy style, travel, and food. I loved toying with the idea of having a “project” that was limitless. With blogging, you can always improve—for me this means constantly growing my blog whether it’s by collaborating with more companies or applying what I’m learning in my marketing classes at school.

What’s the hardest thing in terms of blogging about Seattle style?
Honestly, the weather. It’s not always easy to blog when the elements aren’t in your favor. This encompasses anything from trying to shoot in the rain to feeling uninspired. 

What’s the best thing in terms of blogging about Seattle style?
I think the best thing is it can’t be defined by a single word. It’s diverse, so you can always try new things. It’s also a great way to connect with other Seattleites—most people are really passionate about our community and have pride in what makes the city unique. Within the Instagram community alone, Seattle has a huge presence and it’s been my favorite networking method, which in turn opens up opportunities for my blog. 

One blog/Instagram that you’ve been obsessing over lately: 
Kate and Katy (on Instagram: @kate_hagenston, @katy_leee).
Two fellow University of Washington students, who are a perfect representation that Seattle style can be diverse, and so sweet. I love the way they blog together as roommates and bring their own style to one blog. I am so excited to collaborate with them.

What’s your ultimate wardrobe essential item? 
A chambray shirt. 

What do you hope to see more of in Seattle’s style future? 
More color! I love monochrome and neutrals as much as the next person, but when it’s gray outside it’s nice to see bright pops of color on people.

Give other style bloggers a piece of your own advice. 
Don’t focus on the numbers (like your stats or followers) or compare yourself to other style bloggers. If you aren’t confident in what you're doing, it will be really hard to stay passionate and be successful. Also, define success on your own terms. The great thing about being the author of your own blog is that you have complete control over your story. Excuse the cheesiness, but I’m a firm believer that if you want something, you can have it if you work hard enough for it. 

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