The best part of my interview with artist and filmmaker Tara Thomas was what happened afterwards. I was stressing about a date later that night, so Thomas invited me back to her place for a glass of wine. She brought out night-vision goggles and handmade vampire-inspired women's power suits and showed me her short film, Job Interview with a Vampire, a Super-8 film about a vampire who can't find work because the only places hiring are the blood bank and the garlic pizza joint. 

Thomas is so unabashedly herself that it flows out and infuses everything she does. Which is a lot. She was a professional clown for 17 years, she went to film school and creates incredibly surreal short films. She paints, she makes clothing, she collects horror film props and costumes, and she is a prolific writer. She does what she wants and wears what she wants and makes no apologies for it. 

"I love these boots," she said when I asked about her outfit. "They're my trademark. I wouldn't say they are in style. And they don't even really fit me. I have seven pairs of socks on right now."

"Where did you find them?" I wanted to know. "Just Google search 'Gothic Lolita' and they'll pop up."

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Wearing: My dress is Karl Lagerfield for Macy's. My bullet necklace is by Pretty Scary. The crystal beaded necklace belonged to my very glamorous grandmother. She had the most amazing costume jewelry collection. As kids, she used to make us clean her house, and in return we would get to pick out a piece of jewelry. The piano bracelet is from Value Village. The silver chain wrapped around my wrist I found on the floor. My purse is from Thrift City in Puyallup, where my mom and I go all the time (we call it the "Scuzzbag"). My pyramid ring came from an online seller I found when doing a search for eyeball/Egyptian jewelry. I never take it off.

Style in three words: Crazy, sexy, cool.

Closet you'd most like to raid: I would say Daphne Guinness or Chloe Sevigny. They both have amazing style, but they are both so tall—I'm five feet. I feel like that their style is their own, and they own it. For business-savvy and resale purposes, I'd raid would be Mariah Carey's lingerie closet. A whole entire room of just lingerie. Lastly, I imagine Liberace's closet would feel like being in a sauna, where diamond dust sweats through your pores, hot from all those furs and sparkly capes. Sometimes that's how I want to feel, though. Sparkly from the inside out. 

Digital inspiration: Advanced Style—the documentary and the blog. I like [those women's] style because it's eccentric, and the blog always features people who aren't dressing the way you would expect older people to dress. They don't fit a mold, and I can relate to that.

Other people, places, and things: Siegfried and Roy. Anderson Cooper. Phaedra Parks. Lou Reed. Venus in Furs. Pale blue eyes. Collide-O-Scope

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