It has been exactly a year since we covered the big announcement that Seattle-based polish pro and former Butter London creative head Nonie Creme was branching out with her very own beauty line. And now, it's finally here.

The Nonie Creme Colour Prevails collection launched in Walgreens stores nationwide last month, with a range of shadows, liners, an ombre mascara, glosses, foundations, and—of course—nail polish. The lacquer's patent-pending ergonomic brush is what has us most excited (that and the $8 to $19 price point). Creme promises the applicator will make even the most novice of manicurists feel like a pro.

We caught up with Creme to chat about the new partnership, her must-have shades, and the base coat that had NYFW designers all abuzz.


Image via Nonie Creme Colour Prevails

So last year we covered the big announcement for the launch of the line; what's been happening since then?
Creme: It has been a year of preparation. With over 3,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade stores currently installing large fixtures to house the full Colour Prevails range, I've been busy planning marketing and PR strategies and—believe it or not—designing next year's product assortment! I've been overwhelmed and truly touched by the response to the products. Having the opportunity to reach millions of people with my first name brand is the stuff of dreams.

Colour Prevails in three words:
Inclusive, innovative, unique.

Image via Nonie Creme Colour Prevails

What color are your nails right now? And what's the must-have hue for spring 2015?
I am wearing Frock Star today; it's a multicoloured glitter that makes me smile every time I look at my hands. My nail team and I just finished working backstage at New York Fashion Week, and I can tell you without hesitation that our Mannequin Hands CC Creme base coat stole the shows. It is a full-coverage base that covers and corrects nail blemishes for perfect color saturation. It looks so beautiful by itself that half of our fashion designers wanted to send the models out wearing nothing but Mannequin Hands.

Talk to me about the packaging. How did you decide on the butterfly theme?
When I was contemplating this range I thought a lot about how to make the patented Precision Painter work ergonomically, but look beautiful while doing so. There is a kind of dark beauty in the butterfly wing that brings the level of luxury I was looking for. Also, the past few years have been utterly transformative for me, and the metamorphosis reference felt right for my brand. 

Image via Nonie Creme Colour Prevails

You split your time between Seattle and New York. What's unique about the Seattle approach to beauty?
I have to admit, the Seattle–New York combo is the perfect mix. There's an easy, confident beauty in the PNW that I find inspiring and aspirational; women here are less concerned with what other women look like, and instead focus on what they look like, and how best to accentuate and celebrate that. My brand is a proponent of that self-expression, and we proudly fly the "you can sit with us" flag.  

I for one am terrible at painting my own nails. Do you have any tips for perfecting an at-home mani?
Yes! The Colour Prevails Precision Painter really works! Place your pointer finger down the central groove and grasp the handle firmly. It feels very instinctual in the hand, like holding a pen. Guaranteed better painting results, even with your left or "other" hand.  

You mentioned to me that the products all have multiple benefits; can you expand on that a bit?
These products aren't just in beautiful packaging, they have also been formulated to the highest standard as you'd normally expect to see in a prestige beauty retailer or department store. On top of that that, they are dual ended, or offer multiple products in one piece—like the sculpture highlight/contour sticks and eye and lip design. The range is also simple to use. I'm not a makeup artist, and I was frustrated by how difficult many products are to use if you are not a pro. Colour Prevails nail lacquers are also Five-Free (no naughty chemicals) and carry a heavy pigment load for unbelievable color saturation and safety. 

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one single beauty item, what would it be?I'd rather swim to shore than be without my signature nail shade—named after me—Troublemaker! It's a classic red that I hand mixed for myself and this collection. I feel naked without it.

Anything else?
I do want to share what an amazing retail partner Walgreens has been. It's no secret that I am not your traditional beauty executive. Walgreens is hugely committed to evolving and curating its beauty department, and its faith in my ability to bring newness and excitement to the aisle should tell the world that they mean business! It’s not every day that a traditionally conservative retail giant taps someone like me to lead the charge on change. I'm honored beyond belief to be one of the new faces of Walgreens.