Snap Judgment

Critiquing SPD’s New Uniforms

Seattle Police Department rolled out a new uniform this winter, so naturally we had to ask local designers: fine or a fineable offense?

By Seattle Met Staff March 2, 2015 Published in the March 2015 issue of Seattle Met

Before (left) and after

“I’m too much of a clothing history buff to not wish these new uniforms gave more of a taste of the SPD’s roots. The new high-tech fabrics and hardware are brilliant—but is it too late to add in a few extra rows of brass buttons, watch fobs, and cavalry boots?”

Michael Cepress, menswear and theatrical costume design


“SPD ditches the tired blue for a more modern dark navy! Everything from the silver buttons and badges to the wearable cameras make these uniforms sleek and modern and brings them into 2015. And the [optional] neckties and tiepins are a nice touch. I’m not sure about that logo, though…”

Tom Ordonio, women’s ready-to-wear and custom fashions


“The color is a good modern base tone that’s stern, dignified, hides fit challenges, and complements the flashing lights they endure daily. But what does the spring/summer collection look like? And how about the bikers? Do they have the same outfit? Because I am sure they need more spandex.”

Suk Chai, women’s garments with a focus on touchable fabrics
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